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Soothing Box

Self Care, Self Reflection Cards

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52 empowering question cards for mindfulness, meditation, and therapy for self care & self reflection.

  • EMPOWER YOURSELF - This self-reflection deck is the perfect tool for introspection and self-discovery. 52 thought-provoking question cards designed to love yourself, let go of toxic relationships, question your patterns, and stop self sabotaging. Each card contains a beautifully curated artwork that complements the reflection question.
  • DISCOVER YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - Feel inspired, empowered and better than before. Use the cards as journal prompts, challenge cards, affirmation cards and much more. When you take the time to get to know yourself, you make better decisions, are more connected to yourself and feel calmer even when the outside world seems chaotic.
  • GIFT GIVING READY - These empowerment question cards are not only a great product for mental health professionals to use in therapy but also a great gift for someone who struggles with self-belief. Use as stress relief gifts for women, meditation gifts for women, mindfulness gifts for women, spiritual gifts, self love gifts.
  • FEED THE HUNGRY & FEED YOUR SOUL - Not only do these mindfullness cards come with bonus printable goal setting templates, also for every deck of cards sold, we will buy 1 meal for the hungry in the US. At times it can be tough to see the light and good in the world. We believe in feeding your soul by giving back, focusing on the positive, motivating and inspiring people to do better for themselves and others.