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I have been using the face cream from Soothing Box's product line and am so pleased with the results! My skin is so much smoother and softer than it has ever been! I will definitely continue buying it.

Carolyn M.

I love using Pro age Organic Face Cream, my skin feels refreshed. It's never been so soft and young looking. Who knew that coconut oil could do this for your skin. This is a new favorite in my book.

Jennifer M.

"Wow! I am extremely amazed with the results. I have noticed unbelievable changes in just few weeks. My skin is so soft and well moisturized way better than my old moisturizers can ever do. I am finally loving my skin again even at 58!”                       

Carry J.

“These are the best creams I've ever used in my life. Thank you so much for bringing something special, rather than using those cookie-cutter ingredients. I am very happy with the look and feel of  my skin!”


“Amazing moisturizers! I can definitely notice a perfect glow and firmness on my face. These moisturizers are worth every penny. I highly recommend soothing box to everyone out there.”


It smell really good and so far after just two uses, has made my skin softer, I do have to say that it was exactly what I ordered, there were no surprises. I have to confess that I got this to travel with because I LOVE coconut oil and I like that is organic.

Mary L.

I was quite worried about my aging skin and I had tried various so called beauty products to fight the aging problem. I recently shopped for some Organic Coconut Oil products and found the Pro Age products which are made from the most natural and biological ingredients with excellent hydration properties. Their product “Pro Age Organic Face Cream Infused with Organic Coconut Oil” has helped me to prevent my elderly looks and fight blemishes and dark spots. I would highly recommend there product to all the ladies who are worried about their aging problems.

Jay S. – Senior Beauty Expert

Being women, we always want to be attractive and seek attention. Pro Age Skin Care products aim to bring out that loveliness and make the natural aging process natural again. With my personal experience in using “Pro Age Organic Face Cream Infused with Organic Coconut Oil” my skin hydrated efficiently. Their products contain vital, aromatic oils that are soothing and relaxing for everyone and have the power to protect your skin from sunburn and will not clog your pores. I personally endorse that there best natural ingredient, which are mild and perfect for any age.

Erica K.– Personal Beautician

Very nice organic body lotion, I always use it for spring/summer. It does feel very moisturizing if you have very dry skin (my case). The best thing is the cost in comparison to similar organic products, is really competitive. I am sure that I will order more.


I just discovered Soothing Box this when trying to find an organic and healthier choice in skin care. I am very happy to find you guys, with your products my skin feels softer with your organic coconut oil Lotion over any other lotion I have used, and the part that I really love is that it doesn't leave a greasy residue, it is perfect for me. I would recommend to anyone, even my boyfriend noticed how soft my skin feels >)