Soothing Box

Your Preferred Shop For Gifting

Soothing Box is here to help keep your gifts personal and thoughtful! It doesn’t matter what reason or season. We offer the best and most creative gift boxes for everyone. You won’t have to go shopping, stand in line at the post office or worry about delivery because we take care of it all!


Be the Perfect Gift Giver

Soothing Box was created not just for convenience, but to help others be the perfect gift givers! Soothing Box features carefully selected products - all in a sophisticated, appealing and feminine package. Each month, we feature 3 -7 new items that’ll entice her senses and feed her mind, body and soul. Products will range from skincare, fashion, beauty, food, décor and other delightful and whimsical gifting items that’ll make her feel loved, appreciated and seen.

Spread Happiness Through Gifting

The idea for Soothing Box came about after my fiancé (now husband) was thoughtful enough to send me the perfect gift box filled with the most amazing things he picked out himself! He sent me my special box at a time where I was experiencing anxiety from our upcoming wedding, but after receiving it, I felt nothing but love, happiness, joy, positivity and confidence. That sparked the idea to spread joy and happiness through beautiful gift boxes curated with love and thoughtfulness like the initial one my husband gave me. So every time you send a Soothing Box filled with hand-selected products, you’re not only giving, but also filling someone’s life with joy, happiness and confidence!
Each month, we have set pre-packaged boxes available for purchase; with each one filled with special treats that’ll make you feel loved and appreciated. Or, you can send us an email with a request for certain items for further personalization. We’ll provide that bespoke touch you won’t be able to get anywhere else!