Self care around the world

Self-care is defined as anything that we do to nurtures our mind and body. This past week, I scrolled down on some recent favorite photos on instagram and stories on facebook. They all had one thing in common.. They all captured moments of self-care.

self care

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Michelle from Italia spent quality time with her mom at a famous restaurant garden.
  • Karen from Austin, Tx talked about taking time out for self-care and went for a run with her fur buddy.
  • Claire in Australia shares nourishing self-care recipes with her followers.
  • Pat in Greece shared a beautiful photo of her trip to "one of the most beautiful gardens in the whole world"
My favorite self-care is experimenting with aromatherapy products especially the ones you apply to your skin. The beautiful aroma helps me de-stress at the same time it gives me the self care I need for my skin.
self care tips
What types of self-care activities do you schedule into week? Do you wait until the weekend or during weekday or vacation time for self-care? I hope the example above gives you the inspiration to be creative to add moments of self-care to your day. When we take better care of ourselves, we are able to take care of others.
Hope you have a happy week! Thank you for being here!
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