2023 Gift Guide for New Gift Items for any Occasions and Events

2023 Gift Guide for New Gift Items for any Occasions and Events

We are including new gift items that are beautiful, delicious, and worth it! You can include any of them or all in your Gift Box when customizing it or select a Gift Box that includes it if you like. Here is a helpful Guide to Build your Soothing Box.

  1. Kika’s Treats

 kika's Treat | Soothing Box Gift Items   Kika’s Treats is an artisanal company based in Northern California which manufactures premium pure chocolate-covered confections, using an array of alternative sweeteners (no white sugar and no corn syrup in our treats!). Our commitment is to use only the finest quality locally-sourced ingredients to make the most delicious treats around. Kika’s Treats are 100% all-natural wholesome goodness without anything artificial. We don’t compromise and neither should you!

  1. Honey

Honey | Soothing Box Gift ItemsA top-of-the-line honey. These honey brands are family owned businesses focused on producing the tastiest and best quality honey.

  1. Breathable Nail Polish

786 Nail Polish | Soothing Box Gifts 786 cosmetics founded by husband and wife, Ibrahim Ali and Iqra Isphahani. The purpose is to provide nail polish to the Muslim community that is halal and high quality.  

  1. Moonstruck Chocolates

Moonstruck Chocolates | Soothing Box Gift ItemsMade with ethically-sourced chocolate and elevated with fresh local ingredients. Deep rooted in Portland, OR and hand-crafted Moonstruck chocolates are a labor of love. These chocolates not only taste exceptional but also look remarkable as well.

  1. Scarves

Muslim head scarves | Soothing Box Gift ItemsChiffon and Jersey Hijabs, plain or with sparkles, we have them all, including many colors.

  1. Hair Clips & scrunchies

Hair Clips and Soft Scrunchies | Soothing Box Gift ItemsLarge and soft scrunchies of many colors, Large claw clips, and Beautifully decorated white pearl clip from Soothing Box.

  1. Cat & Kittens Accessories

Cat and Kittens Gifts | Soothing Box Gift Items

This is for the cat and kitten lovers! We have special accessories and gift items that you or someone else is going to love. Includes: fashionable pink cat collar with rhinestone diamonds, cat keychain protective key cover, cat plush toys, cat necklace, cat paw earrings, cat nail caps, cat pins, and cat mugs.

  1. Sunglasses

Fashion Sunglasses | Soothing Box Gift Items

Beautiful and stylish sunglasses to wear while on vacation or anytime.

  1. ASMR Gifts

ASMR Gifts | ASMR Relaxation | Soothing Box Gift Items

Want gifts that make you or others feel good, try ASMR Gifts. A new kind of gift idea that will surprise the receiver. Experience another sensation out of this earth with ASMR gift items which includes: Eye mask/pads, head massager, colors with coloring books, tingling feathers, & gold stress ball.

Use this list of new gifts as a guide to help you build your special Gift Box for any occasion or event for you or loved ones!

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