How to reduce anxiety and stress?

How to reduce anxiety and stress?

In the moment of stress, you are not sure of what to do. Having stress or anxiety attack is similar to experiencing a raging fire. with that you can feel an overwhelming negative emotions that can persist, and in a way you can succumb to negative behaviors. To prevent this, you must take charge and control of your emotions by taking proactive measures to reduce the severity of anxiety over a period of time.  A self Soothing Box is one way to help calm and sooth you in difficult times. It is a Happy Box filled with all the things that make you happy. These happy items will stimulate all your senses and redirect your emotions to a positive path. Your special Self Soothing Box will be your reliable source of comfort.

Sight represents items like makeup, beauty items, reading affirmation cards.

soothing box makeupsoothing box self affirmation card








Smell represents hygienic items such as scented lotions, perfume, oils, and candles.

soothing box Alluring Amber Shimmer Double Wick Candlesoothing box Champagne Lily Soy Candle

Taste represents perishable items like chocolate bars, cookies, tea bags, and coffee bags.

soothing box chocolate bars soothing box cookies

Touch represents stuffed animals, stress balls, soft faux fur packaging.

soothing box fluffy toyssoothing box toys

Sounds represents crinkles of the beautiful packaging.

soothing box beautiful relax box           soothing box relaxing gifts

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