How Self-Soothing Box helps reduce anxiety?

How Self-Soothing Box helps reduce anxiety?

Self-Soothing Boxes are made up of variety of tangible Soothing items to distract and soothe. It is a way to redirect and regulate your emotions and senses into focusing on healthier alternative instead of falling into self-destructive behaviors thus increasing distress tolerance. A Self-Soothing Box Gifts is a collective of tangible personally meaningful Gifts for yourself. Most of these Gifts are affordable, convenient, tasty, and fun.

Some of these Gifts that Soothing Box offer includes:

 A stuffed animal toy to hug
Cute Pony Plushie by Soothing Box Soft Sheep Plushie by Soothing Box
Pen and journal to write your thoughts and positive reminders
Be The Girl Who Decided to go for it by Soothing Box Great Ideas Journal Note Book by Soothing Box
Scented candles and bath salts
Alluring Amber Shimmer Double Wick Candle by Soothing Box Rose Relax Bath Salt by Soothing Box
Self-encouragement and affirmation cards
Self Care Affirmation Cards by Soothing BoxReflect Cards by Soothing Box
Facial masks and other essential skin care products
Pink Champagne Vegan Lip Care Set by Soothing Box Nourishing Honey Face Mask by Soothing Box
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