Class of 2022 Graduation Gift Box Ideas

Class of 2022 Graduation Gift Box Ideas

“The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle” The day has finally come! (or is coming very soon) After a long grueling time of working hard and overcoming obstacles, we present to you a beautiful Graduation Gift Box that you deserve. Gift loved ones a beautiful Gift Box on their special day to make it even more special. Congratulate them in your own unique way!

Here are the Best Soothing Box Gift Ideas to choose from to gift loved ones who are going to graduate this year:

  1. The Graduation Box

Soothing Box Graduation Gift Box

Express your happiness with a congratulation box as a gift of celebration. Make them happier with a well deserving gift for great accomplishment. This gift box contains a Rose Gold 6 oz Long Tumbler, Paradise Soy Candle, Empowering Cards for Self Reflection, Mindfulness, and Self Care, Coconut Oat Cookies, and a Note Card

  1. Boss Lady

Boss Lady Soothing Box Gift

This gift box is for the hustlers Boss Ladies out there. Our loved Boss Ladies will need to be supplied with encouragement, support, and love. This gift box contains a 16 oz Coffee Mug, Pink Spiral Notebook, Two Pink Pens, Milk Chocolate Bar, 3 Pink Flower Soaps, and a Note Card

  1. Hustle Box

Soothing Box Hustle Box

Women Entrepreneurs will love this box. A gift box to empower dedication and celebrate achievements. Along with partnering with many small businesses, soothing box is promoting and encouraging newer entrepreneurs with a care package. This is perfect gift to those who are determined to go on new adventure like starting their own business. This gift box contains a journal, Midnight Sea Soy Candle, Matchbox, Gold Pens, Large Mug, and a Note Card

  1. New Employee

Soothing Box New Employee

This is for the ones who are always one step ahead and already have accepted a position before graduation. Congratulations not only for graduating but also for finding the dream job of your life! This is An exciting new transition that must be celebrated.

5. Customize A Graduation Gift Box

If you fancy something unique, then do not hesitate to explore our store to create something new! Just Check the link below to take you to our store with all of our unique and beautiful gifts. Enjoy!


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