6 things I won’t spend money on:

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There will be many things that you can afford but should not buy. Here are couple of things that I won’t spend money on:

  1. Expensive food

Why spend too much on food when you have many places that offer the same tasty and affordable food.

  1. Spa days

I’ve never had one. What does this even mean? A massage? A facial? A foot bath where fish eat the dead skin off my feet? It all sounds wonderful but it’s just too novelty for me. I’ve never even had a facial. Is that weird? Probably but you can always do it yourself. It is very easy, affordable, and routinely.

  1. Fancy coffee

I refuse to pay $5 to drink a latte that looks like the Mona Lisa. I can appreciate the artistic talent, but I won’t pay for it. Or drink it.

  1. Expensive clothes

No thank you. As long as it is neat, matching, and cute, if I can find it in affordable place, I will get it at that place rather than buying at a high end store with well know brand name.

  1. Fancy pumps

Nope. It’s probably because I don’t wear high heels often – also is that phrase super weird to anyone else? I feel like an 80s working woman when I say “high heel.” Anyway, I won’t spend over $60 for a pump, and even that’s a stretch.

  1. Cosmetic surgeries
Hell no… any means that will change me into a completely different person, I don’t try it. I value my natural beauty and want to preserve it rather than change it even if old age catches up with me.
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